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(Prakriti ka Sathiharu)

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Friends of Nature Nepal k|s[ltsf ;fyLx? (Prakriti ka Sathiharu in Nepali)  is a service oriented, Non-Profit, Non-Governmental, Voluntary Organization, dedicated to the conservation of environment and promote eco-tourism in Nepal. It is the Partner Organization of International Friends of Nature- Vienna, Austria.


The Friends of Nature movement started in 1895 from Vienna, Austria by the working middle class, who wanted to give some time and value to their own life and their family. They  wanted to link their activities and leisure with their friends and family to nature. The movement went several ups and downs in this long span and at present Friends of Nature is one of the largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide and a member of the Green 10, the platform of the ten largest European environmental organizations. We have more than 500000 members spread all over the world and more than 1000 houses / huts to live in spread in Europe alone with more than 50 full-fledged offices under the umbrella. The members are active in local groups and are represented in regional, national and federal associations.

In Nepal, with the above mentioned views, our organization was formed in 1994 by some enthusiastic young people. Our members come from various walks of life. In 1995 we got the status of Partner Organization from International Friends of Nature. Now we do various small projects / activities related to the conservation of environment, spend time with family and friends in natural places 

You are always welcome to see and know more from our website and if you are interested in our activities, in participation, etc. you are welcome to contact us and to get our newsletters join our yahoo e-group (naturetour), by sending your valid email address in .

To give sustainability to our various activities, we organize eco-treks in different parts of Nepal. Our eco-treks are basically organized by our own members, who have a good experience both in the conservation as well as handling nature-lover trekkers.

Everest Region, Annapurna Region Langtang Region & Other Areas

We also organize educational and cultural walks in and around Kathmandu.

If you are planning to come over to Nepal, and want to interact with Nepalese Naturefriends and trek with us, or want to do some voluntary work, please see our trekking pageTrekking or contact us by sending an E-mail contact us

k|s[ltsf ;fyLx?

(Prakriti Ka Sathiharu)
1557 Ram Shah Path
GPO Box 10544
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Telephone : (+ + 977 1 ) 4226775
Fax : (+ + 977 1 ) 4231529


This website is a courtesy of :

Friends of Nature UK
Simon Neal, National Secretary
13 Birch Hall Lane
GB-Earby BB18 6JX
Tel. +44 (0)1282 842 349



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